Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Rain on Meeeeeeeeeeeee

It was raining hard yesterday. It was quite a bummer for me since I worked really hard last weekend to wash the car.

But that is nothing new to me.

I have this one freaky connection with Mother Nature.

All my life, whenever I do my laundry, the sky will darken. Just as I was about to hang my clothes to dry, the rain would fall.

That happened 90% of the time I do my laundry.

No matter if the sun was shinning ever so brightly and there’s no sign of rain, don’t be fool by it. My clothes will definitely be as drench as it was in the washer.

I can pretty much imagine Mother Nature laughing her gigantic ass off when she sent her thunderous big black clouds to rain on my laundry.

However, my “rain jinx” seemed to lessen when I moved into my new house. Maybe coz I don’t hang my clothes outside right under the sun anymore but instead I hang it in the laundry room where it’s windy enough to dry out the clothes.

I thought Mother Nature got tired of her lame old rain joke but I was wrong.

Now, whenever I clean my car, whether I wash it myself or sent it to the car wash… it’ll definitely rain sooner or later.

Like last week, I washed my car 3 times and it still end up looking so muddy as if I just use it for rally racing at a paddy field or something.

I kept telling myself, tomorrow it will not rain so better I wash my car now so tomorrow I can drive a nice, clean, squeky car.


The next day, when I arrived at my office, instead of a shiny car parking proudly, a black, filthy, dirty and not to mention muddy car looking so pathetic among all other shiny cars.

Ugh! All my energy and time were wasted!

I could’ve throttle Jeff when he asked innocently, “Wow… you better wash your car. It looks so bad. Hey, I thought you said you wanted to wash your car last night. Too tired huh? It’s okay. Just sent it to the nearest car wash,”





So, my hope to pick up Aveen with a nice clean car was dashed rather brutally.

But she didn’t say anything. So does her husband.

Maybe we were too busy talking and cathing up to notice a messed up looking ride.

We went sight seeing for an hour or two since this was Bojo’s first time coming to Miri.

Taking the opportunity to cam whore at Miri Petroleum Museum

Well, technically, it was his second time but his first time was more of a transit. So didn’t get to see Miri much.

After that, we had dinner at CafĂ© Rosita (as planned!) and since it was raining hard, we can’t see anything much except watery Miri, Jeff and me sent them to Aveen’s grandparent’s house (they were staying there ---Aveen calls it Fatimah Inn hehehehe Her grandmother’s name is Fatimah)

Had lots of fun catching up and laughing and joking and teasing Bojo who was blur when were speak local Sarawak language.

Well maybe he caught few words here and there but to him it was more of like us saying, “brook braaak ugh ukak uwak rook awuk” gibberish. Hahahahahaha

Oh well, every language has it own uniqueness and specialties. To each his own I’d say.

Damn. I’m bloody sleepy now. Time to take a nap.

Later days!

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Bahkiz said...

g0285936nice view look to cool post....

Bahkiz said...

nice to look n cool....

Anonymous said...

It was a fun compact day out wif balqizz.I appreciate of all her goodness and kind and extra effort to fetch me n hubby at the myy airport..and also a great Ramadhan buffet that really thrilled me n hubby till belly burst off..thanx a lot buddy..thanks to Jeff too.I was amazed wif her spacious n modern looks crib at Strawberry park..and her new big transformation of life now..good luck to you n jeff...may Allah always bless u n family!!its me veen x sempat nak register as a blogger.

Aveen said...

'Rain on me..'also referring to my scenario before landing to origin town wif my husband.From the part I'm going out to the parking lot,move towards Senai Airport,on 1 1/2 hour flight trip... surprisingly a gallon of bulge raindrops splash to the earth surface ..yawn..until reaching MYY airport..hmm bout ur kewl kancil..honestly it looks well organised.I'm glad my old bestie pick me up at airport..and bring us to the MYY tour..to show to my hubby how scenic and lunatic MYY town is...and also we are blessed wif special cuisine of ramadhan buffet at ROSITA cafe...thanks Bal & Jeff... a lot..its really tempting and killing recipes.which make our belly expand to the maximum. Although we have a rainy limited tour in a mafia's car, overall,its really ,distressed,kewl, laughter and fun environment.(missed the over joy moment wif her)THANKS again buddy..owh another thing bout ur CRIB..it was really spacious,luxarious,modern concept house..u can make a lot of IDEAS for the decor..goodluck..slowly improve the house...I understand..